Run the application by clicking the link of the "Dekaedra Web Service" menu of Windows programs menu.

Then this window appears:

Select the desired language and click the next tab called "webmaster":

You will be the webmaster of your dekaedra server, type your username and password of the webmaster (the password must contain between 12 and 63 letters and numbers), and click the next tab called "e-mail":

In this tab you have to type the details of your e-mail account.
If your e-mail is GMail just type your e-mail address and password.
Do not worry! This information will be stored encrypted on your computer. Only you have access to it. dekaedra will use your e-mail account for sending e-mails.
These are the configuration data for other e-mail accounts:

 e-mail account  SMTP server  SMTP port  encrypted
 Yahoo  465  SSL
 Yahoo (Spain)  465  SSL
 Hotmail  587  StartTLS

If you want you can set "SMTP port" as "25" and "encrypted" as "none", but we recommend to use encrypted communication.

The next tab is "path":

Here, you set the path of the shared folder.
The shared folder is the folder that you want to share with your registered friends on your dekaedra server.

Now, you set the port number in the next tab called "port":

By default, the port is 55555, but can choose a number between 20 and 65535. However, you should not use ports that are already in use. You can find more information about port numbers on Wikipedia and IETF.

Click the last tab called "protocol":

Select the communication protocol that you want to use: http or https.
The http protocol is used by default and allows a normal web communication, while the https protocol is the protocol that establishes a encrypted communication.
At this moment, use http and leave the possibility of using the https protocol for later.
If you want to use https protocol, please, read this.

Finally, once you have configured everything and are sure to be connected to Internet (check that you can navigate) click the OK button to update the configuration.
Then, the window is minimized to a tray icon in the taskbar (on the screen, bottom right), which changes from green to red and finally green if all goes well (it means that the server is started (green), stops (red) and restarts (green) with the new configuration).

At this point, if all went well, the task icon is green. Click it with the right botton of mouse for displaying this menu:

If you click "Home" the browser loads the web page of your dekaedra server.
Authentication is required, you must type the username and password of the webmaster that you chose in configuration, previously.
If access is granted then you access to this page:

This page is the home page for the webmaster. From this page, the webmaster has total control. The logo above right is always a link to this page for all pages.

If you click "serverlink" icon, you access to this page:

Solve the challenge (CAPTCHA) and click the "register" button.
If all goes well, it checks that your e-mail address is valid and you will be registered on the ServerLink.
Then this page appears:

From this page you can verify your link by clicking on "verify link" button, if all goes well, it must go back to home page.
During the registration process, you will receive an e-mail with your link information.
If you are registered on the ServerLink, you and your registered friends can access your dekaedra server from Internet.
Do not worry! The ServerLink only stores your e-mail address and your network address for that you and your registered friends can access your dekaedra server from Internet.

Finally, we will show how to register a friend.
Click on icon "list of friends" in the home page (for going to the home page click on logo above right in the pages).
Then this page appears:

And click on "register friend" button, then this page appears:

Type the e-mail address of your friend and a password that you want (by default, the password is set random).
Type a welcome message, if you want it. And click on "register" button.
During the registration process, your friend will receive an e-mail with the link information and data login for accessing your dekaedra server.
If all goes well, it must go back to the "list of friends" page, like this:

A new record appears in the list. It is the friend that you have registered.
Your friend has a folder in your computer where your friend can read and write information. Only you and your friend can access to this folder.
But the shared folder that you set during the configuration process, is only readable for all friends but is not writeable.
The record has a field called "connection" and is "offline", it means that your friend is not connected to your dekaedra server at this moment.
Also, the record has a field called "link to friend's home", in this case, it has a button called "serverlink", it means that your friend also has a dekaedra server running (is green), and is registered on the ServerLink.
If you click on this button, you will access to dekaedra server of your friend and if your friend also registered you on his server, you can log it in.
So, both can connect to each other, and creates a P2P network of web servers. This is the idea!

Finally, if you want to access from the Internet to your dekaedra server, you have to configure your router.
The choosen port during the configuration of your dekaedra server must be opened on your router.
For that, you have to know how to do it for your specific router because each router has its own configuration interface.
You can get information about how to do this in Internet, or you can ask your Internet Service Provider to configure it for you.
Your router must redirect the TCP traffic from choosen port to the local IP assigned to the computer where dekaedra server is running.