You can download dekaedra here:
(32-bits version) - MD5SUM: 2f86e5131c6181c1445c82cf12edb89a
(64-bits version) - MD5SUM: 44532af115c82c2282e7c85a329dcc1d

dekaedra is an experimental web server that implements the HTTP 1.1 protocol, is also an SMTP e-mail client, and can be a web application server using an own protocol.

dekaedra has a user interface by web pages with XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

dekaedra is published in its last version 1.9 only for the Microsoft Windows operating system and is compatible with 7 or higher versions.

dekaedra has been completely programmed in C language and its development has been designed to migrate in the future to other platforms such as Linux and Mac.

dekaedra is offered free and with all the guarantees of having no virus, malware, spyware, backdoors or malicious code, and in any case will depend on the good practice of the user to ensure the security and privacy of your computer.

dekaedra allows to create a P2P network of web servers.

If you want privacy and security for sharing your data on your computer from Internet, you must use dekaedra!

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thank you very much!