If you want to use https protocol, you have to select https protocol in tab called "protocol" of the "Dekaedra Web Service" application. After that, the application shows this window:

You must assign your PEM file. A PEM file is a encrypted file which has the public key and private key.
This file is created using specialized software such as OpenSSL.
The dekaedra installation includes a sample PEM file in this path (for example, in hard disk drive C):

    C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Dekaedra Web Service\sysdek\pem

Select this PEM file and type its password (is "password"):

Click "OK" and wait for restarting the server. After that, your dekaedra server is a web server running in https protocol.

If you want to created your own PEM file, you can use the batch file "makeCA.bat" to create it.
This file and "readme.txt" file are available in the same path before. It requieres OpenSSL software.